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Apps for Tableau is worldwide market leader in developing premium Tableau Extensions. We make data extremely accessible. With our products, we increase efficiency and quality by gaining more insights to improve your business. Save time and money by using your data in a new way with products such as ShowMeMore, PictureThis and WriteBackExtreme.


For more success, in every industry.

Healthcare industry Apps for Tableau


The future is data-driven. Leverage the power of data with our solutions and make an impact on managing staff shortages and providing better patient care.

Finance industry Apps for Tableau


Have the power to stay ahead of the curve in the era of fintech, exceed your customer expectations, and surpass the competition. Extend your possibilities for growth with insightful data analytics.

Retail industry Apps for Tableau


Managing distribution channels, keeping up with ever-changing customer expectations, and maintaining their loyalty is easier than ever with insights backed with data.


“Everybody is using the dashboards made with these two extensions because it’s straightforward and intuitive to know what they have to do. If you want to make your life easier, use extensions. It helps a lot.”

- Dan Sofron, Network & Market Architect at Pfizer 


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